New Members

Congratulations to our newly elected members at the 2017 Annual Meeting. These members will receive their membership certificates at the 2018 Annual Meeting in Columbus, Ohio.


John Abad
Warrenville, ILcJeffrey Blatnik
St. Louis, MO

Carlos Chan
Iowa City, IA

Callisia Clarke
Milwaukee, WI

Jeremy Grushka
Montreal, Quebec

Natalie Joseph
Cleveland, OH

Eric Kimchi
Columbia, MODavid Krpata
Cleveland, OH

Amy Lloyd
La Crosse, WI

Timothy Pawlik
Columbus, OH

Raphael Pollock
Columbus, OH

Ajita Prabhu
Cleveland, OH

Cristiano Quintini
Cleveland, OHDiane Radford
Cleveland, OH

Timothy Ridolfi
Milwaukee, WI

Melissa Times
Cleveland, OH

Alfonso Torquati
Chicago, IL

Brad Watkins
West Chester, OH

Al-Hilli Zahraa
Cleveland, OH